PAK Certification


What is PAK™ and Professional Applied Kinesiology™ and who is eligible?

PAK™, Professional Applied Kinesiology™, and the PAK logo (below) are designations of Certification status. In the United States, these terms may only be used by ICAK-U.S.A. Active Doctor members who have satisfied the ICAK certification criteria. 

In 2005, the ICAK-U.S.A. Board of Directors determined that it should file for a number of federal trademarks  to ensure the continued quality of practice and to protect the legacy of Dr. George Goodheart and the many decades of activities by ICAK and its members. ICAK’s International Board of Research and Standards establishes the standards for PAK certification, as it has for DIBAK certification since the organization was formed in 1975.  ICAK’s International Board of Examiners oversees practical, written, and oral testing and examination.

ICAK-USA promotes the system of Applied Kinesiology™ invented by its founder, Dr. Goodheart, by supporting research, education, advertising of opportunities for training, and certification of individuals who are licensed to diagnose.  For these reasons, the Board introduced a certification status for ICAK-USA members, protected for use by qualified doctors using AK, that have demonstrated additional abilities by meeting the requirements for certification.  These designations serve an important purpose.  Their use indicates to the public and to the professional communities that these members had been educated, tested and certified by the ICAK.  Additionally, certified doctors continue to expand their proficiency and abilities in order to bring the highest quality care to their patients.

The requirements for PAKTM Certification status are:

  • Individual MUST be a doctor member of the ICAK-U.S.A. in good standing – current in dues and all other financial obligations to ICAK-U.S.A. as well as meet all requirements of membership.
  • Individual MUST take a 100-hour class from an approved DIBAK.
  • Individual MUST take and pass both a practical exam and a written exam.
  • Individual MUST recertify every 5 years by attending an ICAK-USA Annual Meeting.

Current PAK® Members include: ICAK-U.S.A. members who are Diplomates (DIBAKs) or who are certified to use the PAK designation must  remain in good standing as a member and recertify (above) in order to maintain their Certification status.