ICAK-USA Board Mission Statement

ICAK-USA Board Mission Statement

The ICAK-USA Board met earlier this year for a 2 day retreat to lay the groundwork for the new member programs and to assign tasks to insure they are successful. The Board wanted to set a standard and to define their purpose. Below is the mission statement that the ICAK-USA Board is adopting:

We exist as a group of like-minded healthcare professionals working for the betterment of the organization with the purpose of promoting, defending and advancing AK into the future.
We also want to showcase our Board members so that you may become familiar with those in charge of programming and remind you that you have a direct link to the Board for questions or comments.

Dr. Richard Belli, ICAK-USA Chairman

Professional Applied Kinesiology 2020 and beyond. Modernize AK and move into the future.



Dr. Lawrence Calderon, Vice Chairman

I will be serving as the Education Committee Chairman and collaborating with doctor members and students.


Dr. Michael Lebowitz, Planning Chairman

I am dedicated to seeing applied kinesiology continue to grow as the most effective, accurate alternative medicine approach to help patients in these challenging times. I also want to see a new generation of amazing practitioners lead and perpetuate the legacy of Dr. George Goodheart and the greats that follow in his footsteps.


Dr. Jay Marienthal, Treasurer

I have been honored to serve on the board of the ICAK USA. I have never met a group of professionals who are more focused on donating their time and effort to learn, disseminate and advance all that this great technique has to offer. 




Dr. Diana Mladenoff, Member-At-Large

I have grown up in the ICAK and now I look forward to inspiring new AK doctors.



Dr. Julie Marchiol, Member-At-Large

I pride myself in being an AK practitioner and look forward to helping design programs that continue the advancement in AK for both students and in-practice doctors.


Dr. Corey Osborne, Member-At-Large

I’m honored to be part of something that has and will change so many peoples lives!