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Please take some time to thank our 2020 Virtual Homecoming Sponsors!

Without their support, this meeting wouldn't be possible!

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The Functional Myo-Diagnostic Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Atlanta GA with the mission of supporting advanced education to healthcare providers. In regards to the ICAK and ICAK-USA we have already facilitated the first ever DIBAK review course, facilitated a multi-teacher 100-hour course, brought over world famous AK educator Dr. Joe Shafer and will soon help facilitate the new official Foundation Course for PAK and DIBAK credit. You can find the course here: https://fmdsinc.org/courses-2/. Our goal is to open the door to bring world renowned educators that might not be known in the USA AK circuit. http://fmdsinc.org


Dr. John K Wittle DC, DACBN, CNS
p:404-634-0201 f:888-634-2138
Dr.John email: DrJohn@AKDoc.com

Serola Biomechanics’ mission is to provide world-class, orthopedic products that effectively relieve and prevent pain. Serola’s ever-expanding, patent-protected, whole-body healthcare solutions improve muscle function from the core to the extremities and improve quality of life. Implementing 30 years of cutting-edge research, Serola Biomechanics will continue to educate both healthcare professionals and the public about the musculoskeletal system and develop new treatment methods that help to significantly reduce the costs and adverse effects of misdirected care. customerservice@serola.net * 815-636-2780 * https://www.serola.net

We are a specialized brand built by like-minded product developers striving to achieve excellence. We provide high quality nutritional supplements taking your product offerings to the next level.

For a short synopsis of each of our products see review the Key Indications of Supreme Nutrition Products. Or, for more details, please review the Clinical Indications of Supreme Nutrition Products, written by Dr. Michael Lebowitz D.C. For which products are contra-indicated during pregnancy and breast feeding click here.

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Nutri-West is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility serving distribution centers throughout the World. Nutri-West’s product list is ever expanding into the largest, most diverse line of nutritional supplementation with over 280 products available includingvitamins, minerals, glandulars, enzymes, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, tinctures, herbals, gels, topical, and homeopathics. The sole focus of Nutri-West is to help the healthcare professional optimize the well-being of their patients. Realizing that patient compliance is key to patient health, the company offers only high-potency, all-natural products that are easy to make a part of one’s regular quest for health. Nutri-West’s dedication to product quality, purity and efficacy remains unchanged. With its ultra-modern manufacturing equipment and development of a model production facility, the company has enhanced its ability to deliver optimum products, time after time. In its continuing policy of marketing
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Quantum Neurology® is nerve testing and rehabilitation. Quantum Neurology was born out of Dr. George Gonzalez's work restoring his wife's health after a spinal cord injury. Dr. Gonzalez trains doctors to strengthen the nervous system using his patented program. Practitioners activate the body's natural actions, reactions, and reflexes to rehabilitate motor, cranial, sensory, and visceral nerves with light therapy and physical corrections. 
George Gonzalez, D.C.
Lori Gonzalez
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Website: quantumneurology.com