Hiring Right the First Time

Hiring Right the First Time

Author: Amanda Donohue/Thursday, January 21, 2016/Categories: June/July 2015

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By Amanda Donohue

HIRING THE RIGHT STAFF MAKES A BIG IMPACT on maintaining an efficient and productive practice. Complying with the ever-changing rules and regulations of health care has the potential to take time away from patient care. This is why it’s crucial to hire employees who are knowledgeable or who are quick to learn and most important, who genuinely appreciate the value of chiropractic. 

A chiropractic clinic staff is typically made up of front desk specialists, office managers, certified chiropractic clinical assistants and billing specialists. Each position requires different personality traits and skill sets. For example, you would seek someone who is outgoing and lively for the front desk and someone detail-oriented for a billing specialist position.

A chiropractic assistant (CA) is your first hire. “But as your practice grows, you hire more people for different roles so that all you’re doing is adjusting; working with patients,” says Mark Sanna, DC, CEO of Breakthrough Coaching. 

Dr. Sanna stresses the importance of having an interview process in place for those times when you’re in need of more help because of an influx of patients or if an employee leaves unexpectedly, for example. His system, “the art of hiring,” begins with the doctor of chiropractic (DC) writing down the personality/qualities being sought, the hours expected from the new staff member, specific knowledge and skills required for the role and whether or not experience is needed.

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