AK 21st Century Reboot Learning Facilitator:

AK 21st Century Reboot Learning Facilitator:

Dr. David Berglund, DC, ND, PAc, DIBAK

Since the birth of Applied Kinesiology in 1964, when Dr. Goodheart tested the Serratus Anterior of his Standard Process Representative, many discoveries and correlations have been added to the foundation knowledge. AK education is getting an update. While the 100 hour course is in transition, I am introducing a new model for teaching and learning. The old terms, weak and strong muscle will be replaced with the functional neurology terms: facilitated and inhibited muscles. I will be panning the past 56 years of knowledge in search of gold. My goal is to create an educational experience that will bring out the George Goodheart in everyone! “What does that mean?.” The synchronicity of my Applied Kinesiology journey can be found in the preface of a book I co-authored, just click on link, when the Amazon page opens, click on the book cover and read the preface in the preview.

Topics to be explored:

• Understanding muscle testing as functional neurology

• The path to becoming a master of functional neurology

• Clearing adaptations and calibrating the patient

• Autonomic nervous system regulation

• Lab tests verifying clinical procedures

• Respiratory cranial-sacral movement

• Gait patterns of muscle facilitation and inhibition

• Pelvic categories and their facilitation and inhibition patterns

• Finding and fixing IRT’s the patient is not aware of having

• Finding and fixing mental/emotional stress for lasting results

• Traditional Chinese Medicine correlations by Dr. Goodheart

• TL Enhancement Toolbox

• Prophylaxis for Covid 19(prevention protocols)

• Clearing self-sabotage subconscious programs so doctors/students/

patients will have successful lives