Dysbiosis & Environmental Toxins - An Applied Kinesiology Evaluation


Be sure to register early and plan to attend "Does Dysbiosis and Environmental Toxins Effect How Our Body Processes Ammonia, and Chlorine and their Effect on the Chiropractic Patient – An Applied Kinesiology Evaluation" with Dr. Noah Lebowitz, DC on Thursday, July 20 from 9:10 AM - 9:40 AM.

In this presentation, Dr. Noah Lebowitz will provide an overview of the clorox and ammonia sniff test, their physiology, rationale, and treatment. Dysbiosis effect on ammonia breakdown and antioxidant status will also be discussed.  Collected data and results will be shared at the conclusion of the session.

Attendees will take away positive tests on urea acid metabolism and antioxidant status are often secondary to dysbiosis and will resolve when the dysbiosis is treated.

Join ICAK-USA and ICAK International in Washington D.C. from July 20-23, 2017, for ICAK-USA's International Meeting.  The meeting offers four days of the latest AK techniques, professional development, and unparalleled networking opportunities for doctors, students and vendors.  The meeting this year offers an unparalleled variety of sessions, workshops, and other events.

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Here are some highlights in this year's annual meeting:  

  • Presentations by some of the Best AK physicians from North America, Europe, Asia and Australia
  • Practical Demonstrations You Can Immediately Use in Your Office
  • Networking with International Suppliers We look forward to seeing everyone in DC!