Shin Splints

Signs or Symptoms

Severe pain over the front of the tibia, lower leg bone, after running or walking


Inflammation of the attachment of the muscles that attach on the shinbone


Improper walking or running style

Standard treatment

Anti-inflammatory medications, rest

AK Approach

An evaluation of the gait, style of walking or running is done. First, therapy is aimed at reducing the tightness, trigger points, in the muscles involved. Then the question becomes why or what caused the muscle to become inflamed? Testing of the major muscles used on walking and running are performed to make sure that there is not an imbalance that would lead to faulty foot Ð gait mechanics. These are corrected and therapeutic exercises are given. The foot and ankle are then examined for the need of an orthotic, foot support. Nutritional therapies aimed at increasing factors that would lead to relaxing the muscles and reducing any inflammation is considered.

Other lifestyle modifications are used to prevent or minimize exacerbating the condition. A specific program for your needs is created.