Sacroiliac - Pelvic Pain

Signs or Symptoms

Pain or severe ache in the pelvis especially in the back


The pain or ache usually follows a bending type trauma or a fall. The structures that are damaged are the joint, ligaments and muscles.


Trauma, lifting type injuries, falls

Standard treatment

Rest, ice, anti-inflammatories

AK Approach

The muscles that support the pelvis are evaluated to find the ones that are malfunctioning. These are corrected and then the alignment of the pelvic bones is corrected. The attention is then shifted to the localized structures that are injured and failing to support the pelvic joints properly. These can include specialized treatments for ligaments, muscles, skin and joints. This is followed by an analysis of how the person walks, moves and their occupational positions. Finally, attention is directed to corrective procedures that can help stabilize and strengthen the structures to help prevent future injuries. Nutritional therapies aimed at increasing factors that would speed healing and reduce any inflammation are considered.

Other lifestyle modifications are used to prevent or minimize exacerbating the condition. A specific program for your needs is created.