Anterior cruciate ligament - ACL

Signs or Symptoms

Pain in the knee with instability


Injury to this ligament occurs when the person suddenly pivots causing excessive rotational forces on the ligament. Other causes are severe trauma and work injuries. When the injury occurs, the person will usually describe a feeling of the knee giving out, or collapsing. They also say they hear a 'pop'.


Sever trauma is the most common cause. However, there can be slow stretching of the ligament due to repetitive stress caused by other mechanical factors related to improper ankle foot Ð knee muscle function Ð or pelvic mechanical defects.

Standard treatment

Rest, bracing and exercises to increase muscle strength. If the tear is great, then surgical repair is done.

AK Approach

In an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament you will usually find other supporting ligaments, muscles, and skin being damaged. Treatment begins by assessing exactly which structures have been injured and then directing appropriate therapy to those injured structures. The second phase of therapy is to reestablish normal muscle coordination and strength. Again, there are a number of different techniques that can be used. Testing is used to prepare a specific program for your needs.