AK Practice for Sale -- Santa Barbara, California

Retiring and seeking a CA-licensed, AK practitioner with training and experience to take over well-established, multigenerational practice of 37 years in this beautiful coastal city.

My scope of practice has addressed “all conditions and diseases of the body” (as specified in CA state law), utilizing diversified techniques, NET, essential and clinical nutrition, and exercise essentials.

With 26 years teaching Touch for Health and AK self-care procedures in the local community college and emphasizing patient education in my practice, my diverse patient base is both knowledgeable and health-conscious.

My 4-day per week practice is sustained by patient and word-of-mouth referrals, with a patient base representing a broad cross-section of the Santa Barbara community and neighboring Southern California counties.

In summary, I’m looking for a doctor with “good hands, a good head, and a good heart”. Will assist new doctor for a period to ensure a successful transition. Contact: allenoffice@aol.com or call (805) 963-1309.