Become a QA Workshop Leader


As you by now have heard, ICAK-USA and QUINTESSENTIAL APPLICATIONS have entered an agreement for ICAK-USA members to purchase the QA Course online at a discounted price with a portion of the proceeds going to ICAK-USA.

A critical part of QA Home Study is providing hands-on instruction to those taking the QA Course online. Toward this end QA has developed a standardized practical application workshop curriculum covering all procedures and techniques taught in the QA course. At present, there are just a few certified QA Workshop Leaders and many more are needed.

In order to facilitate this important component of the QA Course, QUINTESSENTIAL APPLICATIONS is providing the following benefits to encourage the development of more certified QA Workshop Leaders from ICAK-USA diplomates:

1. Current ICAK-USA Diplomates will be given access to the QA Online Curriculum at Healing Arts College “Student Rates” encouraging Diplomates so inclined to qualify for QA Workshop Leader status.

  • Diplomates who qualify as QA Workshop Leaders will have the opportunity to teach QA Practical Application Workshops and be provided with a unique web link for participants in their workshops to purchase the QA Online Curriculum and receive a 10% commission on each sale.
  • Those certified as QA Workshop Leaders must have successfully completed the QA Level 2 Proficiency requirements, and, for ICAK credit to be received, must be Diplomates of the International Board of Applied Kinesiology. 
  • Those who do not fulfill the above requirements or do not want to apply for QA Workshop Leader status, yet want to support QA (AK) Education, can, upon request, be considered for “Affiliate” status with all its rights and privileges including receipt of a 10% commission on all sales.
  • Those accepted as an “Affiliate” must have attended (live or online) the QA Course, have a working knowledge of its principles, and be a Diplomate of the International Board of Applied Kinesiology (or have achieved other acceptable Diplomate status). 

2. In addition to the 10% commission referenced above, the ICAK-USA will also receive 10% of every sale made by QA Workshop Leaders and Diplomate “Affiliates.”

The QA Workshop Leaders (and Diplomate “Affiliates”) will each receive a unique link which includes a short code. When this link is used, it lets Whole Health Publishing know who is to be credited for the purchase. At the end of each month, a list of all purchases through your unique link will be documented and 10% of the total funds received will be forwarded to you and an additional 10% forwarded to ICAK-USA via Direct Bank Deposit.

Those interested in participating in this amazing opportunity should contact Shannon Weeks at and register your interest. Dr. Weeks will be happy to assist.

* Individual sales of the QA Book are not included (margins prohibitive), however, sales of the various online packages that include the QA Book (e.g. QA 1-15 & Beyond IRT, Enroll @ Home, etc.) are commissionable.