Applied Kinesiology helps one of Europe's top Crossfit athletes in the Athlete Games.

Applied Kinesiology helps one of Europe's top Crossfit athletes in the Athlete Games.

Dr. Jeffrey Kurtz was invited to participate with the Athlete Services Team at the Athlete Games in January, 2016 in London, England.

Dr. Kurtz reports: "Europe’s greatest Crossfit athletes came together for an opportunity to compete on an international stage as a tune-up for the Crossfit Open where they can qualify for the Crossfit Games in California in July.

As I was working, a very strong young lady came by with a concern about her shoulder.

She had a rotator cuff tear 2 years before and spent 1 year getting it trained again. She wanted an opinion on whether she should continue as it felt a little unstable and she didn’t want to risk her chance to qualify for the European Regionals where the top people go to the Games in California.

As I started my exam using manual muscle testing, I found that several of her rotator-cuff muscles were not functioning properly and her scar from her operation was causing some inhibition.

I treated her using some advanced Applied Kinesiology techniques and her shoulder started functioning much better. After treating her, she tried some pushups and was very happy to see that her shoulder felt much more stable and she felt much more confident in continuing the competition.

As the events progressed, I checked her shoulder on her breaks. The stress of the competition was pretty high, so I had to treat her shoulder each time, but found different problems each time. Each time I was able to help her shoulder stay strong and she was able to perform on the highest level. She power cleaned 100kg and going into the last event she was in 3rd place.

She finished 3rd after the last event; but unfortunately it was from her palms ripping open from doing many pullups and bar muscle ups, which are very hard on the palms. As I spoke with her after, she said the shoulder was great all day and she couldn’t have done it without me.

I could have done a lot as a Doctor of Chiropractic; but the great improvement in both function and her performance was because I learned Applied Kinesiology.

In this case it was the key to the athlete’s success as well as my own."

-- Jeffrey S. Kurtz, DC, CCSP, DIBAK