Dr. Tom Roselle, DC and Kirk Cousins discuss living a healthy lifestyle and the importance of health and wellness for a long lifespan. Washington Redskins’ Quarterback Kirk Cousins offers some routines that help him prepare mentally and physically for success including kinesiology, muscle training & recovery, chiropractic, diet & nutrition, brain exercises, and ample rest. Hear why he choses AK!

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  • I actually took an elective class while in chiropractic school (Life University) and was introduced to AK by Dr. Carl Amodio in his "Introduction to Applied Kinesiology" class. I then became incredibly fascinated by AK and decided I wanted to learn more, so I took the 100-hour course being offered at Life University when it was being taught by Dr. J.J. Gregor, back in April of 2014. I passed his course and took a few more seminar classes with him before graduating school. In addition to that, I have continued my knowledge of AK through reading Dr. Walther's book, constantly reviewing the 100 hour notes, reading information on ICAK's website, and now I have been actively continuing the education of AK in another 100 hour course being taught by Dr. Bruce Shin. This is all in addition to working through the various AK techniques within day-to-day life practice as well. The rabbit hole kept going deeper, and I'm still following it!

    Dr. Adam McBride, BS, DC

  • In college my roommate was interested in Ak. We ended up going to see a man named John Bandy, it was a cervical and lumbar disc seminar. It was slightly over my head at the time but when another student was carried in to the seminar, he was ding squats in a gym and throughout his back. Dr. Bandy had the student straight and walking out. I was amazed and hooked. I signed up to take the 100 hours with Tom Rogowski in Atlanta. I never completed it, I only did 5 classes. I was a very financially poor student. I later took some classes with Robert Ozello in Maryland. Went Skiing with Wally, way over my head. Met a doc in Virginia named Tom Roselle who kind of re-inspired me to get back into AK. I ended up doing some classes with Eugene Charles in NYC. Purchased his complete course on, at the time VHS. I did get to see Dr Goodheart in NJ with Paul Sprieser two times in my life. I went to a seminar by Dr David Leaf got a little inspired and when Dr Ciprian did the course in Maryland I decided to redo the 100 hours, again. Afterwards took the course again with Dr Robert Ciprian. Like AK I am continually learning something new and apply it to my practice. I guess for me, it was getting adjusted by Tom Roselle that made me get re-involved again but I was inspired by Dr Bandy in one of the first chiropractic seminars I ever attended.

    Christopher Bruno, D.C.

  • I heard of it through the 100hour course Dr. David Charles Renner, DIBAK.

    Dr. Brad Campbell

  • I learned about AK while in school being a patient of Dr. Carl Amodio, and AK was the reason I pushed through to graduation. I use it every day in my practice, and can't imagine practicing with out it.

    Richard Rainaldo D.C.

  • I was a Touch For Health instructor while attending chiropractic college so I was certainly in touch with Dr. John Thie and others who were AK practitioners. I was motivated to join ICAK by Drs. Nancy Doreo and Bruce Shin.

    James Barrass D.C.

  • I have been a student of Dr. Timothy Francis since 2007 when I was in chiropractic school at NUHS. After I graduated I worked for someone and our office was registered with the ICAK. I have been in my own practice for 2 years now and I wanted to support the ICAK so I joined.

    Devon Acou, D.C.