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Introduction to Applied Kinesiology (Recorded Webinar Series)

Introduction to Applied Kinesiology 

Series 1: Modules 1, 2, 3, & 4
Series 2: Modules 1, 2, 3, & 4

Recorded Webinar Series with Charles Seminars, Inc.

Available 24/7

Eugene Charles, DC, DIBAK



Joe Shafer, DC, DIBAK returns to North America!

The Functional Myo-Diagnostic Society (FMDS) is proud to host Dr. Joe Shafer DC DIBAK coming back to USA 2019!  Dr. Shafer’s innovative Neuro-Interlink is an ever-growing diagnostic technique and treatment method. This seminar will focus on the Neuro-Interlink as well as new discoveries in retained emotional patterns and retained injury patterns.

AK Workshop | Quintessential Applications by Robert Morrison, DC, DIBAK, DACBN

This workshop is the first of a series of eight (8) workshops spanning from October 2019 to June 2020. 

When: October 26, 2019
Where: New York, NY
Topics: Hands-On Pain Relief/Hip and Low Back (Q&A Sessions 1 & 2)

DIBAK Review Course

Curious about getting the DIBAK? Heard stories like: “its obscure”, “questions come from unobtainable sources”. Thinking: “what do I need to know”?

There is truth in all those questions and opinions. If you really want to know, then come take the DIBAK review course with the current President of the (IBE) Board of Examiners himself!

Dr. Belli MasterClass Neurological Applications of AK

20 Doctors Maximum Attendance

Friday Sept 13, 1pm - 7pm
Saturday Sept 14,  9am - 6pm
Sunday Sept 15,  9am - 1pm

Location:  Phoenix, Arizona

Fee: $950.00
Includes:  Dinner Friday Night
                  Lunch Saturday
                  Dinner Saturday

Phone: 913-491-1071

Dr. John Bandy MasterClass Trauma - The Chiropractic Solution

PrivateSeminar Exclusive Offer

Rare Opportunity to this exclusive Master Class with one of the most brilliant practitioners of any kind.  Dr. Bandy has presented this program 1 other time. If you missed it you do not want to miss this 2nd opportunity. This will be an epic Master Class that will positively impact your practice Monday morning!

40 Doctors Maximum Attendance

Concussionology℠ MasterClass by Evan Mladenoff, DC, DIBAK

Why a MasterClass?  Nobody has the time to spend 1000 hours in a classroom to learn and be able to name every miniscual nerve pathway about brain function AND not know how to test it or fix! Attention to detail is imperative when dealing with head trauma.

Are you looking for more hands on, in depth guidance on using, interpreting, and creating treatments for concussions and head trauma with chiropractic centric principles? We have the answers and plan to execute Monday morning after the first seminar.

How to Help Your Patients Go From Better to Best Presented by, Dr. John Schmitt

Don't miss this one-time presentation of the many unique methods developed by Dr. John Schmitt
during his 35 years of clinical experience. 


When: September 14 - 15, 2019

Holiday Inn Diegem Brussels Airport
The hotel offers free shuttle service
from/to the airport.

What you will learn: