1-Day Matrix Reflex Testing (MRT) Introductory Course

Louisa L. Williams, MS, DC, ND

The annual IABDM conference will be held in Scottsdale, AZ, from October 11-13, and Dr. Williams will be speaking on Thursday, October 11th. This 1-day event will be an introduction to MRT and is open to all participants, whether you are attending the biological dental course or not.

MRT is an excellent adjunctive technique to use with patients who are difficult to muscle test, as well as a good “second opinion” method when you need to double check kinesiology findings. The heart of MRT, the reflex arm length test, is very simple to learn—and especially so for experienced AK’ers. Come learn how the fascia in our bodies can contract (similar to muscles) in response to challenges, and how this energetic testing method can help you further fine-tune your diagnostic findings and therapeutic protocols on patients.

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