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If you are a Doctor, undergraduate, or health care professional and would like become a member of ICAK USA, then please have a look at the benefits of joining.

Annual Dues Rates:

Doctor Members          $185/first year
                                    $215/second year
                                    $400/third year and beyond
Retired Doctors            $200
International Doctors   $200
Facility/ Staff               $200
Students                      $  25  

What is ICAK-USA?

The International College of Applied Kinesiology® U.S.A (ICAK-USA) was founded in 1976 by a group of doctors who had been teaching others in applied kinesiology. The origin of applied kinesiology is traced to 1964 when George J. Goodheart, Jr., D.C., first observed that postural distortion is usually associated with muscles that test weak. He found that by applying the appropriate therapy, the muscles would test strong and the postural distortion would change. Since its founding, the purpose of the ICAK-USA. has been to promote research and the teaching of applied kinesiology. It is a professional organization dedicated to bringing together doctors and students with common goals and interests.

The Primary Goal of ICAK-U.S.A.
The primary goal of the ICAK-USA is to provide leadership in applied kinesiology through individual professional development and to advance education in health care. Membership offers recognition and referral, professional identity, and an opportunity for personal development.

Other Chapters
In addition to the ICAK-USA Chapter, in the mid 1980´s, the organization grew into chapters representing Australia, Canada, and Europe. In 1996, the European chapter was reorganized and now Germany, Italy, England (U.K.), Scandinavia, and Benelux are all recognized as having official chapter status.

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Applied Kinesiology changes lives. We provide the training, research and community to make you a master. Join us now! Doctors:

  • Educational AK E-Newsletters.
  • Discounted registration to L2L Summit
  • Inclusion in the ICAK-U.S.A. Online Directory as well as the call-in referral line.
  • Free online classified ads on
  • Copy of the current Proceedings of the ICAK-U.S.A. Annual Meeting.
  • Discounts on future Annual Meetings (as long as member in good standing) & Muscle Testing Course Registration Fees.
  • Access to ICAK-U.S.A. Patient Education Products
  • Free 262 page e-book of Collected AK Neurology Papers
  • Free subscription to Take Charge of Your Health, an e-newsletter
  • Membership Plaque indicating years of membership
  • Access to Collected Proceedings since 1973
  • Full voting and membership privileges
  • Eligibility for Diplomate Certification


  • Online Member Access
  • Student discount for the ICAK-USA Annual Meeting
  • Discount on all AK materials from Triad of Health Publishing
  • Free 262 page e-book of Collected AK Neurology Papers
  • Free subscription to Take Charge of Your Health, an e-newsletter
  • Free AK Club Notes

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