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Triad of Health Publishing was established in 2009 to offer educational materials to chiropractic professionals interested in the relationships between structural, chemical and mental factors in health and disease; and the effects of structural corrections and natural health care techniques on normalizing the disrupted tissue physiological homeostasis.
Triad of Health Publishing also offers educational materials for doctors to give to their patients that address their symptoms, treatments and results that can occur with a PAK® practitioner.
These educational materials include brochures and texts authored by various doctors that cover many of the common conditions examined with PAK® methods to determine the appropriate therapy. File Click Here to learn more about the effective way to use patient education brochures. 

FEATURED AUTHOR:  Dr. Eugene Charles | Journey to Healing - The Art and Science of Applied Kinesiology

"As Journey to Healing progresses, readers receive not just an overview of Applied Kinesiology's history and a contrast between its methods with those of traditional medicine, but a series of case histories that illustrate its successful applications for anything from low back pain to heart palpitations and asthma. 

The result is a thorough survey of the promises of Applied Kinesiology that is an integral, successful exploration highly recommended for physicians and patients alike. Its detail and accessibility makes it a top recommendation for any consumer health library." D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Journey to Healing—The Art and Science of Applied Kinesiology contains:
 * Exactly what amazing thing Dr. Goodheart did to become the 1st chiropractor appointed to the Olympic Medical Committee (a little-known and fantastic story)
* How Applied Kinesiology grew to become a world-wide phenomenon.
* Explaining AK procedures in a clear and scientific matter—with references
* Fun Facts that relate with the “scientific magic” of AK; such as that your body has 60,000 miles of blood vessels and that muscles are actually organs.
* Attention-grabbing, real-life stories of AK helping people with low back pain, headaches, ADHD, sports injuries, infertility and stress-related conditions. These stories will educate your patients—and inspire them to tell others about YOU! SEE MORE HERE and PURCHASE YOUR COPY(S) TODAY! 

*SPECIAL* ICAK members will get one FREE book for every block of 5 ordered at one time!

Click Here for a sample story from Journey to Healing 

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